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Wirestop Projects & Applications

Applications which rely on Wirestop as the primary concrete joint sealant include:

  • Primary and secondary waste water treatment plants (sewage)
  • Foundations, basements, and retaining walls
  • Dams, hydroelectric facilities, canals, raceways, and locks
  • Tunnels, aqueducts, culverts, and utility vaults
  • Primary and secondary containment structures
  • Water filtrations plants, pump stations, leachette facilities, interceptors, and outfalls
  • Underpasses, bridge decks, and abutments
  • Above and below grade parking structures
  • Holding tanks, reservoirs, and water cisterns

Pennsylvania Wastewater Treatment Plant Adjacent to Susquehanna River
Project involved forming four circular concrete clarifiers approximately 190 feet in diameter and four dog-bone aeration tanks (two 180 foot diameter tanks connected) employing counter-current process.

  Pennsylvania Wastewater Treatment Plant Adjacent to Susquehanna River
Pennsylvania Wastewater Treatment Plant Adjacent

U.S. Department of Energy Westinghouse Savannah River Plant, Waste Processing Facility, Aiken, SC
Concrete disposal vaults designed to provide secondary containment for the life of low-level waste. Vaults are 600 feet long, 150 feet wide, 30 feet high and utilize a 4 foot thickbase slab and 2 foot thick walls and partitions.

  U.S. Department of Energy Westinghouse
U.S. Department of Energy Westinghouse

Sherman Island Dam Re-construction, Hudson River, Glenn Falls, NY
Amberson type dam; open-bay, buttress-slab configuration

  Sherman Island Dam Re-construction
Sherman Island Dam Re-construction
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