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Wirestop Products | Features & Benefits | Why It Works | Projects & Applications | Configurations

Wirestop Configurations

Paul Murphy Plastics Company offers a complete range of designs and sizes that allow you to choose the WIRESTOP best suited to your specific applications.

Standard Designs and Sizes

Wirestop Centerbulb
Wirestop Centerbulb
  Wirestop FlatRibbed
Wirestop FlatRibbed
  Wirestop FlatDumbbell
Wirestop FlatDumbbell

Centerbulb Ribbed: Used in expansion and contraction joints where movement is expected. Larger sizes can accommodate greater transverse and shear movements. This WIRESTOP design is the most versatile and can be used in many designs both above and below grade.

Flat Ribbed: Used in construction and control joints where movement between members is not expected. Most commonly used in horizontal joints.

Flat Dumbbell: Used in construction joints where little or no movement is expected or in expansion joints of 1" or less in width. Generally used in horizontal joints above and below grade.

Special configurations are available to meet the requirements of specific engineering firms and/or government agencies. Spilt WIRESTOPS designed to eliminate split formwork are also available.

Junction Selections

Factory made and tested WIRESTOP junction sections save time and labor, helping to ensure zero water leakage at critical intersection joints, "L", "T", "Cross", and "Transition" WIRESTOP junction sections help eliminate leakage caused by defective field-spliced sections. Special configurations are available upon request.

Vertical 'Cross'
Vertical "Cross"
  Vertical 'L'
Vertical "L"
  Vertical 'T'
Vertical "T"
Flat 'Cross'
Flat "Cross"
  Flat 'L'
Flat "L"
  Flat 'T'
Flat "T"
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