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Extrusion of a Top Cap for the Office Furniture Industry

Extrusion of a Top Cap
Extrusion of a Top Cap
Extrusion of a Top Cap

When you have a plastic extrusion need that defies the routine, contact Paul Murphy Plastic. Plastic profile extrusions are all we do, allowing us to acquire expertise that multi-focused competitors can't. For that reason, a customer in the office furnishing industry contacted us for a plastic top cap extrusion project.

The top cap, used to cover an office furniture panel system, called for a smooth surface where the legs intercept with the top of the piece. This is a difficult result to achieve but we exceeded the expectation with the precision of our product. Using our extruder and automated saw, we produced a part out of integrally color rigid polyvinyl chloride. The part measuring 3.75" wide by 0.50" tall, with a pinch distance of .010". We also used a UV protective finish, as required by the customer's specifications.

As part of our standard process, we test and inspect all of our extrusions prior to finalization. For this project, we verified the smoothness, confirmed the profile dimensions, verified the straightness over the length of the piece, and reviewed the color match. The top cap was exactly what the customer wanted.

Let Paul Murphy Plastics extrude the exact piece to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.

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Quality Plastic Top Cap Extrusion Project Highlights

Quality Plastic Top Cap Extrusion Project This top cap is used to cover an office furniture panel system.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:

UV Protecting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Extruder
Automated Saw
Overall Part Dimensions Length: Varies
Width: 3.75"
Height: 0.50"
Tightest Tolerances Pinch distance - .010"
Material Used Integrally Colored Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride
Material Finish Interior UV Protected
In process testing/inspection performed Smoothness Verified to Master
Profile Dimensions Confirmed
Straightness Over Length Verified
Color Matched to Standard
Industry for Use Office Furniture Industry
Delivery Location Midwest, USA
Standards Met Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Top Cap
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